The Story of Hanucraft



As a young student at the University of Colorado Boulder, Brian Scharf first found inspiration in the power of architecture and design to create transformational experiences. His studies led him to Italy and through Europe, and he landed in Indonesia on a research project. 

While traveling in Bali, Brian met Agung Putradhyana, a local bamboo architect who became his close friend and mentor. Their friendship led Brian to Agung’s village where they designed and built an internationally-commissioned bamboo architecture project with the help of the local villagers. Inspired by Brian’s interest in using local, renewable materials, the villagers trained him in their time-honored craftsmanship techniques for working with bamboo. During his time living and working in the village, Brian would frequently dance around, hang off trees, and scale bamboo structures like a monkey, so the villagers gave him a nickname in reference to the Monkey God of the local Hindu culture—Hanuman. 

Inspired by his experiences, Brian assembled an international creative team that travelled the globe for four years, designing and building modular bamboo environments. Collaborating with transformational festivals, eco-communities, and organizations around the globe, 

With a deep, personal connection to the Earth, Brian’s design practice is focused on bringing together renewable materials, visionary design, and community collaboration to create vibrant spaces and experiences that are inspired by the beauty and magic of nature. 

A craftsman at heart. A monkey in spirit. Brian embodies the soul of Hanucraft.